Lost & Found
There’s fireworks left over from the forth of July/ Lets shoot em off until the cops come looking for a crime/ We’ll burn your parents house down with the neighbors in plain view/ Say sorry to the judge there was nothing else to do/ The roller rinks a super market and man I have some fun/ Instead of going round in circles I get corn flakes two for one/ That’s quite a deal if you ask me I’ll take you Friday night/ Cutting coupons hand in hand while under the blue light/ No one lives here anymore it’s sad for me to say/ The parking lots are plenty as the people drive away/ Stock up at the border while the car is still intact/ The road is looking longer/ It’ll cost you to get back
Get your head in the game there’s no ifs ands or buts/ Smoke another cigarette or burn another crutch/ I know it isn’t winning competition is in dutch with everyone who knows that at the end there isn’t much so it might as well be worth it before I kick the can to put on a pair of boots and get out the frying pan ‘cause the keg is almost kicked and there’s bodies on the ground/ The lucky ones are up the stairs among the lost & found

Molly Molly
Molly, Molly sing to me dear/ sing me the songs that I want to hear/ Sing of the people and sing of the past/ Sing of what you want to sing but Molly make it last/ I want to hear how the world was before/ I want to hear why the people couldn’t take it anymore/ I’ve heard the word and I know it through and through/ I can tell that Molly it was you/ From the California beaches to a new world shore/ From New York streets to English beats burning door to door/ Running along them fences, knocking down the walls/ Sing of love and sing of change/ All for one and one for all/ Molly, Molly sing me the news/ My mind is aching and I’ve got them blues/ Sing me a song of what it’s like to choose to break the chains and raise the graves of heros with a right to lose/ Troubadour oh troubadour your days will never cease/ You’ve got to learn how to tame that singing beast/ Treat her kindly and she’ll sing a song or two but troubadour oh troubadour the rest is up to you

Under The Moon
Every morning I take it all in/ Get on up start my day again/ I don’t know what I want it to bring/ I’m not sure if I want anything/ But it’s no use to sit at home alone/ Head in hand waiting by the phone/ No one’s calling and you’re wondering why/
You’re the only one to blame until you try/ Sing up to the heavens/ Dance to every tune/ Run into the dark night/ Sing up til the sunlight/ Dance to every tune/ Run into the dark night/ Under the moon/ I don’t know what I can call my home/ Everything that I have ever known/ Packing up these strings a pick and comb
Nothin' but the urge to up and roam/ Would you float with me to the edge of the Earth/ Climb the highest of peaks swim the river of birth/ Cross that ocean of old and skies of a new/ With the wind at our backs we’ll bid our adieu/ Will we walk hand in hand and not say a word or crumble like castles of sand? We could fly like birds.

Plastic Pills
Plastic pills of pontification a brand spankin’ new education is everything I need in a little vial/ Pop her open and throw em back deep fried brain or heart attack/ wait a couple years it takes a while/ Time has come to break the spell and some things are hard to tell/ Are you really feeling well or is that a lie? You gon’ hide behind that face under chandeliers and lace always keeping up the pace/ at least you try/ (and then you die)
Side effects they may include exonerated servitude for something you misconstrued as real/ Take your double daily dose/ are you happy in your comatose or did you altogether forget how to feel?
These days it’s hard to fake a smile so step right up and spin the dial/ Toe the line or risk a trial date/ Too big to fail too hard to beat oh and if you do that’s quite a feat but they’ll buy you an easy seat tell you to wait/ Over the counter corner boys pushing game in Illinois shirt and tie convey the poise to you/ Washington to Arkansas New Orleans and old St. Paul the games the same to one and all it’s true

Devil Pardon Me
Devil pardon me from the things I cannot see in the fire down below there’s a thing or two I know
My mind tends to wander from the holding pen as a flying wren takes the smallest thought and flies for miles over city squares, through the darkest wilds/ In the here and now to the there and then over impish house and the giant’s den/ Left in the cold buried under snow til the spinning stops and the sun explodes/ Can you blame a boy who tries to find an answer in a bottle’s lies when the river runs right off the cliff and it all led up to a downward lift/ mist it goes like a funeral march to never cease, line the streets and watch in the darkest days and the brightest nights/ Take the blinders off and turn on the lights/ When the bay is glass the tide will break/ It will shatter wide and the sound will wake the sleeping souls if it’s not too late/ With their heads held high O’ the Earth will quake and the roads will crack beneath their feet and the hot asphalt too long been beat soon will rise to meet the day when the devil’s horn is turned to clay

Stafford Jones
When I get up I get down/ You can’t see it when I come around/ There’s a stern solution on my face/ Baby don’t mind if I fall asleep ‘cause you and I both know that talk is cheap and don’t get your hopes up it ain’t all for you/ I can feel it in my bones/ Talkin’ life/ Stafford Jones/ He’s livin on the road/ If we lose well I won ‘cause I speak to you in tongues so you can’t understand a word I say/ But if you can break my charts well honey girl I’ll steal your heart but let me tell you/ read you like a book/ I saved us time with the time I took/ I’ve been searching high and low only finding dead end roads on a journey drive a man to tears/ Could take months/ Could take years/ Take my life I don’t fear if I could spend a day in the company

The Week
Well it’s pints of beer on Monday, Tuesday mix a gin, Wednesday on the whiskey and Thursday other sins, Friday rolls around O’ the feeling can’t be beat, Saturday I’m out to play, Sunday I dread the week/ Well that work week’s got me tired and I’m feeling so confused/ Bang my head against a brick wall it’s perpetually bruised/ My feet are hurtin’ from the circles that I’m walking everyday/ What’s the use in tryin’ is it even worth the pay? I get home after sunset no one’s ever home/ The boys are slingin’ pints of porter O’ I’m crawlin’ down the road/ My head is pounding heavy there’s one thing that do the trick/ Put me on a tall one oh a most refreshing sip/ You lost track where your friends are and your buzz is fading fast/ We’re already at the next bar you’re the one who got there last/ The next round’ll be on this prick before we’re back into the grind/ Pull another Irish exit, I’ll see my friends next time

To Walk The Road
Where do we go from here ‘cause I’ve been looking around and every time I do the car breaks down/ Every little choice is harder now to make, which way to walk the road before I break/ No this isn’t the first time/ Can you see what’s running through my mind? I’m steering clear of what you done/ Breaking all the hearts but how far can you run? All I know is what my eyes can see, the road that came before, and where I’ll be/ No this isn’t the last time/ Can you see what’s running through my mind? Locked inside this solitary skull; I’m so spent/ I never tell the truth, I gave it up for lent/ If you toil in the soil and it’s not all as it seems then you and I my friend are digging on the same team. No this ain’t like the first time/ It’s only a fine line/ Can you see you’re running through my mind? You’re running through my mind

Graveyard Battle Cry
I’m riding west O’ come the morn, cavalry beside me bugle boy to blow the horn, it’s ringing out in every city state and town, militia men are fighting O’ they’ll rally to the sound/ I’ve heard it in the mountains, smelled it in the seas/ Battle cries in the graveyard the ghosts surround me/ We’ll take a rest, stop here for the night, the moon is shining brightly it’s left bleeding from the knife/ A golden sun waiting in the dark/ All we needs a fire O’ that fire needs a spark/ I heard it in the mountains, smelled it in the seas/ Battle cries in the graveyard yeah them ghosts surrounding me/ We’re burning in a wasteland of forgotten hopes and dreams/ Wake up brave young cavalry there’s raiders in the trees// Well I’m out here on my own, many is the day, sleep is seldom seen and there’s a highwayman to pay/ I’d see him dead in a cloud of dust & smoke but he’s got a sawed off twelve gauge underneath his coat/ We’ve come too far to turn back now/ Make it through the toll house pray the highwayman allow/ Well howdy friend, this passage calls for change, if your pockets are all empty best go back from whence you came ‘cause do re mi I make the law and it isn’t just a game/ It’s a way of life and living in the same old broken brain/ I travelled over mountains, sailed across the seas/ Heard the battle in the graveyard yeah them ghosts surrounding me/ Oh I’ve travelled over mountains and I’ve sailed across the seas/ Hear the battle cry of dead men bound for glory saving me
When it’s time to cross that river highwayman so far behind/ The rest was just a journey to see the other side

Thank You Kindly
I wandered through the dark streets of my hometown with not a single soul in sight/ I was looking for some trouble smelling just like Saturday night/ My mind is clear my thoughts are free/ Got no friends that’s all I need/ Got my old man’s gun in my coat/ I’ma plant that chaos seed/ So we’ll take a ride out to the desert/ Have some time to be alone/ All hell breaks loose this time tomorrow/ I like some calm before the storm/ Night ahead I split right open/ You’ll know my face before the dawn/ Better watch your step, gunner’s coming/ wants that blood out on the lawn/ When all was done my count wasn’t too bad/ Said I only missed two/ Like I said my face was in them papers and all across the evening news/ At the gates ol’ Satan told me, son you didn’t have to be so rough/ I told Satan thank you kindly// To disregard this world just ain’t enough


All lyrics by Sean McNally